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A criminal arrest is a serious life event. Your response to the challenge can make all the difference in the impact your criminal case will have on your freedom and your future. Criminal defense attorney Frank Trotter, P.C., offers front-line defense in the Wichita Falls, Texas, area. Clients of the firm have typically been charged with criminal offenses including domestic violence, drug possession, drunk driving and crimes common among college students.

Consult With A Criminal Defense Lawyer If An Arrest Seems Likely To Occur

If you are fortunate enough to have advance warning — before an arrest occurs — this is the best time to get a defense lawyer on your side.

  • Your significant other may have repeatedly threatened to call the police during times of domestic upset — and the threats may be escalating.
  • You may have reason to believe you could be named as a co-conspirator in a drug possession case.
  • You may have had a close call in a potential DWI arrest situation and need advice on how to protect your rights if a similar traffic stop happens again.
  • You may live on campus at Midwestern State University and heard a rumor that you could be named as a suspect in a date rape or marijuana possession case.

Whatever the circumstances, an ounce of prevention is most definitely worth a pound of cure when it comes to criminal defense before an arrest occurs. For peace of mind and practical suggestions for staying out of legal trouble, contact an experienced defense lawyer.

Get An Experienced Criminal Law Advocate On Your Side After An Arrest

Alternatively, you may already be on the other side, in need of a defense attorney. You may have been arrested under suspicion of a criminal matter — and you require immediate intervention. Frank Trotter, P.C., directly offers bail bond services. Many clients appreciate the opportunity to work with one law firm for bail bonding and criminal defense.

DWI Arrest? Drug Charges? Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney

Schedule a consultation right away if you have been accused of, or arrested for, any criminal matter in or around Wichita Falls. Call 940-257-2594 or send an email to our law firm.


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