Domestic Violence Lawyer

When couples fall into domestic violence disputes, sometimes called assault family violence, it is not uncommon for one to call the police for “help.” In serious cases where one person is truly threatened with serious harm, police may indeed provide valuable intervention. More times than not a domestic violence lawyer is needed to protect the accused rights.

All too often, however, the cure is worse than the disease. Once the police arrive at the scene of a domestic disturbance, they will nearly always arrest someone. In the case of a husband-and-wife disturbance in Wichita County, this usually means they will more than likely arrest the husband, regardless of who struck the other first. Time and again, the spouses have calmed down somewhat by the time the police arrive and the wife asks them not to arrest her husband. In most cases, it is too late for her to recant at this point. An arrest is likely to happen anyway.

Domestic violence cases can also involve girlfriends and boyfriends (of the same sex or opposite genders) who may or may not live together. Other cases involve parents who share custody but have not remained in a close relationship. Any two people with close ties can be the parties in a domestic violence case: the accuser and the accused.

Assault Family Violence

Once law enforcement becomes involved in your domestic violence case, it ceases to be a private or family matter. The complaint comes from the state against the alleged perpetrator of violence. The definition of “violence” covers a very wide spectrum of actions that may or may not have caused actual injury to the accuser (also called a “complaining witness.”)

Charged With Domestic Violence? Attorney Frank D. Trotter Is A Strong Advocate For The Accused

Wichita Falls defense lawyer Frank D. Trotter represents many people in the area who have been charged with domestic violence. The law firm makes bail bonds for clients, so there is often no need to work with a separate entity to keep a defendant out of jail. Representing the accused before prosecutors or judges, he works to protect the rights of the accused. He helps clients get restraining orders lifted as needed.
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