Wichita County Defense Attorney

For experienced, effective criminal defense in the Wichita County area, clients turn with confidence to the law offices of Frank D. Trotter, P.C., for advice and advocacy. As a former Assistant Attorney General, Mr. Trotter is well familiar with the courts and the processes involved in an aggressive defense.

Clients of the law firm need knowledgeable counsel to defend them in the face of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges including:

  • Domestic violence, often involving cohabiting couples, spouses and other people in close relationships (such as a grandchild assaulting a grandparent or vice versa)
  • Drug crimes, including drug possession (involving drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs)
  • Driving while intoxicated (first-time offenders and repeat offenders)
  • White collar crimes, such as embezzlement, forgery and credit card fraud
  • Crimes common to high school and college students, such as assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication and theft
  • Traffic violations, including speeding tickets and charges of reckless driving
  • Child pornography crimes, including manufacture, possession and distribution of prohibited still images or videos

Protecting The Rights Of The Accused In Texas Criminal Cases

Criminal attorney Frank D. Trotter determinedly pursues the most favorable outcomes attainable for clients. Protecting the rights of the accused is fundamental in any criminal defense law practice. Mitigating any damage to a person’s record and future well-being is also an important goal. Clients of Frank D. Trotter, P.C., work closely with Mr. Trotter in their own defense. He keeps them informed of the progress of their cases and educates them on points of law and effective defense strategies. The result is that they are well-prepared to make decisions in their own best interest and come away with a good understanding of why their cases were resolved as they were.
To schedule a consultation with an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer, call 940-257-2594 or send an email.